Internationally, geography in schools takes different forms and enjoys varying status. Furthermore, geography in school is sometimes perceived to be lacking intellectual rigour and occasionally even expendable.

The GeoCapabilities project provides a robust framework for describing the value and worth of school geography

This website therefore aims to:

Enable critical reflection on the teaching of geography at the level of goals and purposes

Develop ideas of disciplinary rigour in geography education and to link this effectively with enquiry pedagogies

Empower in teachers with new understandings of the significance of their role in ‘enacting’ the curriculum

Inspire teachers of geography internationally to take responsibility for ‘curriculum making’ and to learn from each other

Provide examples of curriculum leadership.


A school-teacher partner Richard Bustin explains why the GeoCapabilities project is useful and significant for improving geography education.

7871357-box-with-golden-lightbeams Richard Bustin explains the capabilities approach