GeoCapabilities is not a straightforward idea.


The training materials will encourage deep thought and continued deliberation about:

Who we teach;

Why we teach them geography;

What (therefore) we should teach, and

How we should do this.

Four training modules take you through a sequence of ideas and activities. Different users will have different priorities, and so the materials are designed to be used flexibly with teachers and trainee teachers.

Wherever you start you may find the glossary button helpful, as the key ideas that underpin GeoCapabilities have particular meanings. These have been translated into several languages other than English.

All the modules have downloadable materials which can be adapted for local use. Individuals may use the materials independently, online. Teacher educators may use these to complement and integrate into their own programmes.


Click on the Certification button if you wish to use the downloadable certificate – which can be personalised for your own local purposes.