Introduction to GeoCapabilities

The purpose of the GeoCapabilities website is to help teachers develop as leaders. Teaching geography is our main focus. Geography teachers and teacher educators are the main audience.
The materials promote a capabilities approach to thinking about who we teach, and why we teach geography in schools. The activities help teachers explore their role as ‘curriculum leaders’ by the identification of geography as ‘powerful disciplinary knowledge’.
The resources are flexible and have been tested by school teachers. Teachers and teacher educators around the world can adopt or adapt them for use within their own training programmes.  



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  • Powerful Geography
    Without geography education young people would not be able to understand or even question their position in the world

Module 1

Capabilities & Powerful Knowledge

Takes you through the principles underpinning subject teaching. The module also introduces a way of visioning curriculum futures and the idea of the ‘Future 3’ curriculum.


Module 2

Curriculum Making By Teachers

Exemplifies the art of putting principles into practice, enacting the geography curriculum. The focus is on the curriculum as it is encountered by the students. It shows the importance of carefully created ‘curriculum artefacts’.


Module 3

Video Case Studies

Short self-made video case studies of curriculum leadership, to help practitioners reflect on their work as ‘curriculum leaders’. Focussing on content selection and sequencing, and pedagogic strategy.


Module 4

Curriculum Leadership & Advocacy

Further develops the idea of curriculum leadership (and not limited only to geography education). Specialist teachers become ‘advocates’ for the aims and purposes of their teaching. The capabilities approach helps them do this.


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