GeoCapabilities 3 will be used as an educational conceptual tool for social justice. The project examines ways in which the approach can serve to counter the undermining of teachers’ curriculum making in schools situated specifically in areas of socio-economic deprivation.


The results of GeoCapabilities 3 will be:

IO2: A report developing strategies concerning how to support teachers in developing their own disciplinary knowledge for teaching geography, in a social justice context. This will be based on a small-scale survey of geography teachers working in schools regarded as being in challenging economic and social circumstances.

IO3: A report, which, through the analysis of case studies develops a set of pedagogical principles to underpin the practical application of PDK (Powerful Disciplinary Knowledge) in teaching and learning geography.

IO4: A publication (print and online) targeting geography teachers working in schools in challenging circumstances, supporting them in adopting a GeoCapabilities approach for social justice., created by collaborative writing opportunities between partners and participating teachers using evidence from StoryMaps.

The outcomes will include a set of pedagogical principles appropriate to teaching Powerful Disciplinary Knowledge in school geography. GeoCapabilities 3 encourages teachers to them to help develop the capacity of their students to think geographically and in so doing extend their personal capabilities and associated freedoms as articulated by Sen and Nussbaum, to think in ways that enable them to ‘discern, to select and to make informed and defensible choices’ (Lambert, 2014: 8).