Teacher Toolkit in steps

Despite issues related to school closures because of the pandemic, the following methodology was used:

  • collaborative writing opportunities between partners and participating teachers to share the outcomes of their teaching
  • using the StoryMaps tool, an online ‘exhibition’ of teachers’ stories was developed examining and exemplifying using powerful disciplinary knowledge to support the development of a social justice dimension to GeoCapabilities in their teaching
  • a print publication was produced using evidence from the teacher StoryMaps, presenting the different ways schools in challenging circumstances utilised the GeoCapabilities approach to curriculum making and what pedagogical principles underpinned successful implementation of the approach


4-step diagram

A series of tools have been developed by the GeoCapabilities project and were used by the associate teachers involved in the project. These are itemised here.


  • Vignette writing,
  • Maude’s typology of PDK,
  • Links to migration geography research


STEP 2/3

  • Curriculum making model,
  • PDK planning tool,
  • Curriculum artefact examples,
  • Innovative pedagogies (examples)



  • Amended PDK planning tool,
  • Evaluating PDK guide for teachers
  • Concept mapping case studies