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GeoCapabilities to present at IGU-CGE 2021

Members of the GeoCapabilities project will hold two sessions at the IGU-CGE Conference, Making Connections, Cooperation and Networking in geographical education, to be held in Prague and online on Wednesday August 13th 2021

Paper session: GeoCapabilities 3: GeoCapabilities for social justice 

Session Chair: Mary Biddulph

Using a social justice framework to consider the application of a GeoCapabilities approach in secondary schools serving young people in less privileged social and economic communities  Mary Biddulph

Bridging the divide: teaching about migration and drawing on academic geography to support the development of the school geography curricula. Tine Béneker

Teaching about migration using a GeoCapabilities approach – ‘vignettes’ as a way for teachers to connect with disciplinary knowledge Caroline Leininger and Luc Zwartjes

Evaluating the GeoCapabilities approach to teaching about migration David Mitchell and Martin Hanus

Panel discussion: What makes learning geography ‘powerful’? A discussion of the importance of understanding student context

Session Chair: Michael Solem

Powerful geographical knowledge in practice and with attention to social justice –findings and implications of the Geocapabilties 3 project David Mitchell, Tine Béneker, Mary Biddulph, Martin Hanus, Caroline Leininger, Luc Zwartjes, Karl Donert

Exploring the use and potential of student aspirations data for making inclusive instructional decisions in geography Thomas B. Larsen, Michael N. Solem, Richard G. Boehm

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