GeoCapabilities 3 Teacher Toolkit

This section provides an introduction to the toolkit for teachers developed during the GeoCapabilities 3 project.

The toolkit targets geography teachers working in schools in challenging circumstances, supporting them in adopting a GeoCapabilities approach for social justice.

Download a PDF version of the toolkit:

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The presentation below provides an overview of the Teacher toolkit.


GeoCapabilities 3 Teacher Toolkit Overview




The toolkit is designed to provide a series of steps which make teaching with a GeoCapabilities approach more accessible.

Essentially, the GeoCapabilities approach is about you, the teacher, engaging with the discipline of Geography to think deeply with geography (to ‘think geographically’).


4-step diagram

This engagement with geography is accompanied by also holding the young person (your student’s) needs and experiences in mind. Geographical aims and the learner’s needs should drive your planning for how to teach this – your pedagogical choices.

The aim of the toolkit is to help this thinking to become a regular pattern to your professional work, or a ‘habit of mind’.

In a sense, the whole website offers a set of conceptual tools. But the toolkit makes these more accessible by a four step approach. On this, the toolkit part of the website, you will find structures, guidance and links to examples of these steps.