The GeoCapabilities approach requires curriculum leadership.

Teachers can always exercise some influence over what is taught, and how it is taught. A Future 3 curriculum needs to be ‘made’ by teachers. This is not a curriculum ‘delivered’ by powerpoint or textbook. Teachers are the curriculum makers.

Teachers do not design the national curriculum or the examination specification. They may not even plan the school syllabus. But they are the curriculum makers in their own classrooms. Some educators say teachers ‘enact’ the curriculum.

Curriculum making is what curriculum leaders do. The aim of curriculum making is to create a Future 3 curriculum of engagement. Curriculum making goes beyond the ‘delivery’ of prescribed, inert or ‘given’ knowledge. Curriculum making ensures that students access powerful disciplinary knowledge.

Curriculum leaders (makers) are therefore faced with a key question:

 In what way is the geography you teach ‘powerful knowledge‘?

This template may help you answer this question:

pdf graphic A typology of geography’s powerful knowledge


The four training modules on this website explore these ideas in more detail. They include practical tasks to encourage thought and reflection.They are free to use, adaptable, and can complement existing teacher training programmes. Trainers can download (and personalise) certificates of participation.

A school-teacher partner, Alan Parkinson, explains the value of the training modules here.

7871357-box-with-golden-lightbeams Alan Parkinson introduces the modules