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Real Curriculum Leaders

Visit the blog: “Wanted: real curriculum leaders, not just managers”, written by Grant Wiggins (2014)

In his blog, Wiggins provides a list of questions a curricular leader would expect to answer.
Reflect on the list provided. Do you agree with the list?

Are the questions reasonable? Are any other questions missing?


Subject Expert Skills

Examine Subject Expert Skills

Make a Subject Expert Skills Mind Map and share it with others.

Brainstorm the skills you need to be a subject expert in Geography and create a mind map.

Divide them into subject-specific and other skills.

Use the Mind mapping graphic to help you organise your ideas. Click on the graphic to enlarge.


mind map graphic

Making an online mind map

One way to do this is to set up an account and use one of freely available Web-based mind mapping tool(s), for example:

Once your mind map is complete, export it and save it as a pdf or jpg file, share it on your Web site or via social media

Communicating Your Subject


Take the Poll: Should subject leaders focus on communicating their subject?

How important is communicating your subject?

Consider the different types of communication channel, inside your school and beyond.