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Module 4 considers the role played by teachers as subject experts and how they communicate their subject as leaders



Module 4 explores leadership in a subject teaching context.

It examines the development of GeoCapabilities within the context of curriculum leadership roles, both within schools and beyond.

It considers the role of all teachers as curriculum leaders.

Throughout the activities, you are encouraged to gather evidence of leadership and GeoCapabilities.

Where possible you should reflect on the aspects covered and keep a diary or blog to focus your thoughts.

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GeoCapabilities: a quick summary 

Before starting Module 4 if necessary, you might want to examine this summary and presentation to make sure you have a clear understanding of the guiding concepts driving GeoCapabilities.


GeoCapabilities is based on five foundations

  • Capabilities
  • Powerful Disciplinary Knowledge
  • Curriculum Making
  • Future 3 curriculum
  • Leadership

GeoCapabilities suggests that without the opportunity to acquire geographical knowledge and develop the capacity to think geographically our capability is deprived or diminished.

GeoCapabilities questions what sort of geography teaching and curriculum content develops knowledge that empowers individuals to identify, select and make informed, defensible choices about how to live (for the best) based on citizenship and sustainability?

GeoCapabilities helps you consider what are the educational goals of your teaching?

Learners develop the means to understand and interpret the world in ways that are distinctive, geographically.

GeoCapabilities is a framework for thinking about the value of teaching geography.


The “Getting Started” section examines the differences between leadership and management.