Aims Questions for Reflection


 Leadership = responsibilities + professionalism + communication

Communicating the curriculum to other professionals

(Curriculum ‘advocacy’)

In GeoCapabilities we suggest there are three critical leadership components that teachers should be capable of and demonstrate:

  • interpreting their school subject
  • choosing powerful disciplinary knowledge and
  • communicating that content.

Effective communication implies both a curriculum vision and the pathway to achieve it are clearly articulated and presented.

Do you agree with this?

Look at the presentation on communicating leadership. Is there a connection between subject expertise and leadership?

Do subject teachers need leadership training?

Training for Leadership

In education, leadership training has predominantly been limited to being normative or prescriptive, providing practitioners with models for good practice (Conger, 2013) and making recommendations for policy, rather than contributing to teaching or education.

Is this is suitable for teachers?

Reflect on the sort of training for leadership activities subject teachers should be involved in.

leadership behaviour graphic

Consider how the practices of “teachers as experts” and “teachers as curriculum makers” are carried out at different levels and in different contexts?

Consider what you need to do to be a curriculum leader