GeoCapabilities 3 StoryMaps

A StoryMap combines maps and data with text, images and multimedia content. They have been used in the GeoCapabilities 3 project to help teachers clearly express the spatial story behind their work on teaching about migration in a social justice context.

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The aim of the StoryMap is to explore teaching about Mediterranean migrations in a Paris school.
A middle school lesson from the migrants perspective
The aim of this vignette is to deconstruct the idea that Europe is being overwhelmed by migratory waves.
A central part of geography’s disciplinary identity is associated with the study of place. Tim Cresswell (2015) has...
The chosen topic within migration for this vignette is the issue of emigration from the UK, exploring the what, where and why...
Human rights are moral principles or norms (Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, 2013) that describe certain standards of...
There is a potential difference between how migration is interpreted by the media and perceived by people today.
The migration wave to Europe between 2014 and 2017 was given a lot of attention in both, digital and printed media all over Europe.
The topic being examined is that of migration; specifically looking at migration as a theme that is worthy of examination...
The objective of this vignette is to understand the role of networks in the migration process.
The Chinese restaurant of Jo Kraaijeveld and her husband Yuen Wah at Katendrecht..
The wave of migration to Europe between 2014 and 2017 received a lot of attention.