Aims Questions for Reflection

Is GeoCapabilities a useful professional framework?

The following questions can help you reflect on the ideas presented in Module 1. This is best undertaken as a group discussion.

1) Think about the last group of students that you taught. It may have been earlier today, or some time ago.

  • What were you teaching them?
  • Who decided what you taught them?
  • Why did you teach them that particular topic / skill / concept?

2) Do the ideas presented in this Module help you to extend or refine your responses to the questions you answered above? Why or why not?

3) Consider the following pair of questions:

  • Would it matter if students hadn’t experienced the lesson that you described in your answer to question 1? What did they ‘gain’ through the experience?
  • What does your country’s national curriculum or standards for geography say about the importance of and need for geography education? Discuss with your colleagues the ways it would matter if geography was absent altogether from the school curriculum.

4) Choose one of the vignettes on the Story Map. Create a concept map to show the systematic structure of the PDK identified in the vignette. For example, can you illustrate the relationships between the concepts and how they operate together to support geographical thinking?