Aims Getting Started

This module helps you address two sets of questions.

Even before watching the video case studies (see Into Practice) these questions can be ‘opened up’ and discussed.


1. Teachers in secondary schools often work in teams

How do teams interpret the curriculum?

How do they select what to teach?

How do they plan or sequence the curriculum?

How do they resource the curriculum with learning materials?


2. Teachers also have to take individual responsibility for their classrooms

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an individual teacher simply implementing (or ‘delivering’) the agreed curriculum plan?

What are the advantages for personalising the curriculum plan (through individual ‘curriculum making’)? Are there any ‘disadvantages’?

What could encourage teachers to take responsibility for their own ‘curriculum making’?

What are the real and perceived constraints that sometimes prevent teachers taking responsibility for curriculum making?


These questions help prepare for this module. Before viewing the video case studies it will also be helpful to understand the theoretical context – click Next.