Aims Into Practice


This page provides two video case-studies.

The case-studies feature the heads of department of two north London secondary schools. With permission, both gave freely of their time. They reveal how they work with colleagues to enact the geography curriculum in their schools. In both cases they discuss and illustrate the curriculum for ‘key stage three” (children from 11-14 years old).

Xin Miao  Xin Miao

The home-made video case studies were facilitated in 2015 by Xin Miao, research assistant at the UCL Institute of Education. This summary [School-case-study] shows her approach.

Xin Miao developed a simple, three-part structure:

  • Introduction
  • Planning
  • Example (also supported by some documents and artefacts)

Working with the case studies.

It is useful to have a framework of questions to help you interrogate the case studies. You can download them here:

pdf graphic Working with the case studies


Case-study 1


Kirsty Holder, Head of Department, Fortismere School, London.

7871357-box-with-golden-lightbeams Introduction        7871357-box-with-golden-lightbeams Planning        7871357-box-with-golden-lightbeams Example (piracy)


Case-study 2


John Forrest, Head of Department, William Ellis School, London.

7871357-box-with-golden-lightbeams Introduction       7871357-box-with-golden-lightbeams  Planning       7871357-box-with-golden-lightbeams   Example (crime)