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Teacher Case Studies presented

GeoCapabilities has worked with associate teachers from the UK, Belgium, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. The activities and outcomes of the work of these teachers has been presented as a series of case studies.

Specifically the purpose was to develop a series of learning opportunities with innovative teaching ideas to trial the suitability of the GeoCapability approach with their school students. All the participating associate schools face various long-term challenging circumstances. These involve: location of the region (periphery), economy (higher levels of population poverty; structural changes – e.g., decline of industrial (textile, mining) areas etc.), and society and demography (changing demographics; migrant population; socio-economic deprivation etc.). Obviously, in most of the cases schools face a combination of these challenges.

Each of the project partners, together with his/her associate schools, carried out a case study consisting of planning, teaching and evaluation of lessons on migration to develop social justice. The GeoCapabilities approach was used in all phases.

View the GeoCapabilities 3 case studies

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