Social Justice

In this section of the website we consider the meaning and implications of Social Justice as it relates to capabilities, powerful knowledge and teaching geography.

Social Justice has been central to the work of GeoCapabilities 3 as the project has set out to consider the ways in which all pupils, regardless of their social, cultural and economic context, can learn powerful geographies.

social justice photo

We start here with a short presentation that explains some of the concepts that underpin this broad idea – Social Justice.


The four key concepts we consider are:

  • Distributive Justice
  • Relational Justice and
  • Agency
  • Mutuality

As you watch and listen to the powerpoint, ask yourself how and in what ways your geography teaching helps young people to better understand the ways in which social processes and institutional decision-making shape and influence choices and decisions they and others make, and how these choices and decisions impact on the world at a range of scales.

GeoCapabilities: Social Justice definitions
download presentation with text commentary